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The Corporation undertakes no obligation to release revisions to these forward looking statements or reflect events

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or circumstances after the date of this release.(a) The interest income earned on certain earning assets is completely or partially exempt from federal and/or state income taxes. As such, these tax exempt securities typically yield lowerreturns than taxable securities. To provide more meaningful comparisons of net interest margins for all earning assets, net interest income on a taxable equivalent basis is used in calculatingnet interest margin by increasing the interest earned on tax exempt assets to make it fully equivalent to interest income earned on taxable investments.I can't seem to get any information as to the financial stability of the company but yet I am on the hook for 36 of the debt they are running up.It seems at every turn this guy has an angle and is basically trying to work me down to give the stock back for free. It is a very helpless and hopeless feeling. I started this business in my basement and in 5 years turned it into a $5 8M in sales with at one point 18 people on the payroll. Every now and then, some of those sealed documents leak out. In a recent trial concerning the schizophrenia drug Zyprexa, for example, documents emerged that suggested to some parties that the manufacturer, Eli Lilly, had sought to play down some known side effects of the drug (see page 838). But documents considered during pre trial negotiations usually remain sealed by private agreement between the court and both sets of attorneys even where there is a public health interest in releasing some of the information they contain.

Attorney in Atlanta, said Seton Hall Nike Air Max 95 Custom was the second choice for the endowed chair. Rutgers, which was approached first, already had a similar position, he said. Both schools are in New Jersey. Robin Wright Penn has filed for divorce from Sean Penn, her husband of 12 years, citing "irreconcilable differences". According to the papers, Robin Wright Penn and Sean Penn will share custody of their son, Hopper Jack Penn, as well as all property. Their daughter, Dylan Frances Penn, is already 18 and college bound.

From its founder, Keith B. Stewart, in a bitter proxy fight, said Thursday he will seek to remove Stewart from control of Gradco's Japanese subsidiary as well. In New York. The Section 481 funding is invested in the Section 481 Company in return for an allotment of shares to the Section 481 investors nominee company. Approximately 12 months after the initial investment of the Section 481 monies into the Section 481 Company's bank account and provided delivery and acceptance of the film has taken place, the money in the defeasance bank account is paid over to the Section 481 company as the return for the investors either by way of redemption of their shares out of a fresh issue or by a liquidation of the company. Either way the investors obtain a return on their investment which is usually slightly more than the cost of their investment after you take into account the tax break they receive from the government.

If the Soviet leaders are playing a game of wait and see, we believe that they are making a serious mistake. Although the new Congress almost certainly will not give Reagan the kind of backing that he wants on SDI, it does not follow that the program will be curtailed in the ways desired by Moscow. Besides, what one Congress does, another can undo as perceptions of the Soviet threat change. You can control the destiny of where and what's best for you. And it's not many times in your life or your career if you're going to have that. This is it.".

The offer price is below what BlackBerry was trading at before the layoff announcement. Analysts say that although BlackBerry's hardware business is not worth anything, the company still owns valuable patents. Patents on wireless technologies have exploded in value in recent years, as makers of the iPhone and various Android devices sue each other.